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Creating Projects
Creating Projects
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Start a Test-FitStart a Test-Fit opens the Program Type selection, followed by the Test-Fit wizard to produce floor plan alternatives and a Rendering Suite
Start a New ProjectThere are different ways to create a project and enter your requirements to receive the outcome best suited to your needs.
Start a New Property Project (with qbiq 2.0)qbiq 2.0 streamlines the project submission process. By setting pre-defined spaces, you will save time and prevent repetitive workflows.
Start a New Independent ProjectIndependent Projects are created as one-time submissions and do not belong to a Property or predefined Space.
Program Typesqbiq offers different planning options: Concept, Detailed, or Rendering Suite, so you can select the one that best fits your needs.
How do you calculate your area?This article will explain the different methods to calculate and express the area.
Property InfoThe first step in creating an independent project is submitting the property's information.
Space InfoSpace info requires essential information relating to the floor plan and its elements. This will set the base for the planning process.
Toolbar FeaturesThe toolbar features above the floor plan preview let you mark main utilities, select elements to retain, and delineate partial areas.
ProgramIn Concept or Detailed Planning options, the Program is where you enter specific requirements for your project.
Detailed ProgramDetailed Program allows you to design your floor plan. You can define the needed departments, choose rooms, and place them on the layout.
VisualizationHow to design your project’s rendering package. You can choose the different materials for the Virtual Tour and Rendered Images.
Summary StepThe final step before submitting, Summary provides an overview of all the information and requirements you entered in the previous steps.
StackingThe Program Stacking will only appear when working on a multi-floor plan. In this step, you'll arrange your program across different floors.