Duplicate features in the quick actions button, enabling users to make a copy of a project, rename it, and modify it as a new project.

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Duplicate is the first option in the quick actions drop-down menu. It allows you to make an exact copy of the project, rename it, and make needed modifications within the wizard’s five-step process.

When will you need this feature?

  • If you are designing a layout in the same building for an equivalent floor.

  • If you need to redesign the floor plan and create three additional alternatives.

Once you select the Duplicate option, a pane requesting to rename the project will appear. It's essential to give the project a different title as qbiq considers the duplicate as a new project despite containing identical data and files from the original Test-Fit. Once you rename the project, tap OK, and the duplicated project will appear in My Test-Fits with the status Draft. If, instead, you tap Cancel, the project will not be duplicated.


Duplicating a project will retain the initial program type. This means modifications are applicable starting in the qbiq wizard’s first step–Building Info. For example, If your initial project’s program type was Tenant-Specific-Detailed, duplicating the Test-Fit will automatically maintain the same program type without offering the choice to select a different one. If you wish to create a floor plan for the same asset using a different program type, such as Tenant-Specific-Concept, you should initiate a new project rather than use the Duplicate feature.

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