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Quick Actions for Completed Projects
Quick Actions for Completed Projects

Once a project is completed the user can run actions by clicking the Quick Actions button.

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A completed project is a Test-Fit that successfully concluded the user’s submission and qbiq’s processing. The quick actions button is represented by three dots and is located at the top right-hand side of each project in My Test-Fits.

Clicking the quick actions will trigger a drop-down menu, which will reveal our options:

  1. Duplicate - Allows you to make a copy of the completed project.

  2. Project details - This enables you to change the project's name, address, and building image for the 2D floor plan even though the Test-Fit was finalized.

  3. Redline - This feature allows you to request minor modifications to your 2D floor plan or 3D Tour.

  4. Downloads - This action will transfer you to the downloads page allowing you to download the completed project's materials and files.

Click on either of the four quick action options to learn more about each feature.

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