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The On Hold status in My Test-Fits
The On Hold status in My Test-Fits

The On Hold status may feature on a project in My Test-Fits. It means the user must clarify details to continue the processing stage.

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When a project in My Test-Fits status receives the On-Hold indication, it signifies that its processing progress has been suspended. At this stage, you will receive an email with the clarification requests. Once resolved, qbiq will start processing the project over again.


Once a project displays an On-Hold status, only when you complete all the requested clarifications will the project's 24-hour processing restart.

What are the reasons for the On Hold Status?

Several situations can cause an On-Hold status:

  1. Incomplete 3D Tour (Only) submission: The project will be halted if you initially selected the 3D Tour (Only) feature but haven’t uploaded a fully furnished 2D floor plan file in Floor Info in qbiq wizard’s second step. You will receive an email advising you to either restart and select one of the following options: Concept, Tenant Specific-Detailed or Tenant Specific-Concept in the Program Type. Alternatively you will be asked to send a fully furnished floor plan.

  2. Unclear Information:

    1. If you submit unclear requests or comments in the Requests for Planning text boxes, qbiq will suspend the project and request clarification. Text boxes feature in the final step of the Concept, Tenant Specific-Detailed, Tenant Specific-Concept, and 3D Tour (Only) program types.

    2. If the Partial Floor was not marked clearly in the second step–Floor Info.

  3. Comments Contradicting a Selected Program: In situations where the comments provided do not align with the requirements of the selected program:

    1. If you request specific floor plan changes despite initially choosing the 3D Tour only. In such a case, you will be asked to clarify your request or switch the project to the Tenant Specific-Detailed or Tenant Specific-Concept before the project can proceed.

    2. In cases, you submit unique room designs and specific dimensions within the Concept or Tenant Specific-Concept program type's Requests for Planning text box. qbiq will pause the processing process for clarifications or recommend switching to the Tenant Specific-Detailed program type.

  4. Unsupported Requests: In cases where projects are submitted with requests or files that the system does not support, the Test-Fit will be put on hold until clarified. For example:

    1. A user asked to plan a non-office plan.

    2. A multiple-floor Test-Fit was submitted.

    3. Files uploaded do not meet the system requirements.

  5. Uploading Corrupted or Wrong Files: The system might encounter a problem with uploaded files in these situations:

    1. When the 2D floor plan file is corrupted or not uploaded properly.

    2. Uploading the wrong floor plan CAD file. For example, if you specified floor number three in the Floor Info step but the CAD file you uploaded is titled floor number five.

    3. Submitting a low floor plan quality.

  6. Floor Plan Area Configuration Issues: A project may be put on hold for further clarifications relating to the area and the entire floor plan design requests in these cases:

    1. The selected program facilities exceed the floor plan area - If the facilities selected in the Detailed Program overlap the area measurement specified in the Floor Info–qbiq wizard’s second step.

    2. The program's usable area needs to be bigger - If the facilities chosen in the Detailed Program fill less than 75% of the Floor plan's space.

How to resolve the On-Hold status?

If your project's status showcases On-Hold, you will receive an email elaborating on the reasons and the needed clarifications.

Once you reply to the email and provide the required clarifications, your project will switch to the Processing status, and you can expect it to be completed within 24 to 72 hours.

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