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What is a Redline?
What is a Redline?

A Redline is a feature that allows users to ask for minor changes to a completed Test-Fit project.

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A Redline is a feature that allows qbiq users to request minor changes to a completed project.

Changes that are considered as Redlines:

  • Adding seatings to a facility.

  • Rearranging workstations and desks.

  • Swapping rooms for an equivalent-sized facility.

Changes that require designing a new floor plan are not considered Redline requests (i.e., additional charges will apply):

  • Adding facilities that needed to be submitted in the original Test-Fit.

  • Adding ten or more workstations and desks.

  • Asking for an entire floor plan after an initial partial floor modification request.

  • Asking to modify only a Partial floor setting after an initial total layout planning request.

  • Asking for a 3D Tour to demonstrate a different planning alternative.

  • Changing the desk sizes or type.

  • Any changes that would require replanning the floor plan.

  • Any changes in the program

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