Step 5 - Summary

Summary is the final step before submitting your Test-Fit. It provides and overview of all the previous Test-Fit steps.

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The Summary is the fifth and final step in the qbiq wizard. The Summary provides an overview of the entire project. This stage allows you to review the project comprehensively and make any necessary modifications and corrections before final submission. Once you are ready, tapping the Submit button will prompt qbiq to begin creating the floor plan alternatives. Remember, the process cannot be paused once the project is submitted.

The Summary screen features five panes:

  1. Requests for Planning:

    This text box enables you to add notes or special requests that cannot be customized in the previous steps:

  • For example, suppose you designed an executive department. Once you have selected the office and WC, you can use the text box to submit a request for the executive's WC to be entered exclusively from the executive department.

  • In the Concept program type’s third step–Program - Concept: If you selected Other in the Industry drop-down menu, use this text box to elaborate.


When you initiate a request within the Requests for Planning text box, which is configurable in the Tenant Specific-Detailed program flow, qbiq will ask to start a new Test-Fit. Be sure to use the Add New Room feature to create a special unit for your floor plan.

If you wish to make changes to the project before submitting it, tap Edit on the relevant pane. This action will open up the corresponding step, allowing you to make the desired modifications. Once you have completed the changes, tap Next at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next step.

Alternatively, you can tap Summary on the progress bar on your screen's left side to return directly to the final step without navigating through the other steps. For example, if you need to revisit the Summary step after making adjustments in the earlier stages.


We recommend taking the time to revise the process before tapping the Submit button. Consider tapping the Save Draft button and modifying information and requests later. Remember that once you tap the Submit button, qbiq will start processing your Test-Fit.

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