Start a Test-Fit

Start a Test-Fit opens the Program Type selection, followed by the Test-Fit wizard to produce three 2D floor plan alternatives and a 3D Tour

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In order to start a new project, Tap the Start a Test-Fit button in your qbiq’s Plan system. This action will open the program category screen, where you will choose your floor planning option:

  1. Planning:

    An expedited floor planning submission process, allowing you to submit basic information and receive three 2D floor plans and a 3D Tour within 24 hours.

    The Planning–Concept program is a valuable tool when you do not have a specific potential tenant but still wish to effortlessly create a floor plan that showcases the probable layout of a space.

  2. Tenant Specific Planning:

    When you want complete control over your floor planning process designing elements, the Tenant Specific - Detailed empowers you to choose amenities, configure the dimensions, and even place them within the layout.

    Opt for the Detailed program when you have a specific tenant with a well-defined set of needs.

    This option offers a balanced approach to customization. It combines primary information inputs and the ability to configure key elements of your floor planning project.

    Use this program when you intend to showcase various planning alternatives to a particular tenant.

  3. Visualize

3D Tour (Only): While the first three options produce 2D floor plans and a 3D Tour, this feature will provide only a 3D Tour. Choose this option to skip the 2D floor planning process, as you already have a fully furnished 2D floor plan that doesn’t require any modifications to it. qbiq will create a 3D tour based on the floor plan file you uploaded in the second step–Floor Info. However, if you are working on a new Test-Fit project, choose the Concept, Tenant Specific-Detailed, or Tenant Specific-Concept Program.

Once you are sure that 3D Tour (Only) is the feature you want to use, follow qbiq wizard’s next four steps.


  1. The 3D Tour (Only) flow has only four steps, as you will not design the 2D floor plan.

  2. In qbiq wizard’s third step–3D Tour, you can choose the designs you want your floor plan's 3D virtual tour to showcase.

After selecting the Program Type, tap Next to open qbiq's Test-Fit wizard in the first step–Building Info, where you will begin a 5-step process in creating your three 2D floor plan alternatives and an optional 3D tour.


Make sure to provide accurate information. We highly recommend temporarily suspending the process at any stage if you still need to attain specific details, such as the floor's exact measurements. Clicking the Save Draft button will pause the Test-Fit process and save your project in My Test-Fits marked as a draft.

Once the needed information is in hand, you can easily re-enter the project through the home screen of your qbiq Plan and seamlessly resume the Test-Fit process.

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