Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics enables to easily monitor all the projects and their progress.

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Usage Analytics is a pivotal analytics tool in qbiq’s Account Management. It empowers you to effortlessly monitor the status and progress of all your projects with precision by following key data segmentation.

Usage Analytics is the Account Management tool’s first screen. To access:

  1. Tap the drop-down menu icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Select Manager View.

Table Chart:

The Usage Analytics table chart presents a comprehensive overview of your projects, featuring the following information:

Team Name: Indicates the team assigned to the project.

User Name: Specifies the employee who submitted the project.

Account Name: Represents the Workspace from which the project originated.

TEST-FIT Name: Showcases each Test-Fit's name, as defined in Step 1–Building Info’s first action. Completed projects are clickable links, enabling you to download the final report conveniently.

Floor Number: Reflects the floor number submitted in Step 2–Floor Info.

GROSS (SF): Displays the NET area measurement in square feet calculated by qbiq’s AI system, with an additional 25% calculation for the circulation areas.

NET (SF): Represents the measurement of the floor’s usable square-feet area, calculated by qbiq’s AI system.

Program: Categorizes the initial program type selected at the beginning of each project–—Concept, Detailed, or 3D Tour.

Submission: Features the submission date for each project.

Delivery: Reveals the delivery date for completed projects or the expected delivery date for projects indicated as IN PROCESS. However, if a project is in the ON HOLD status, the delivery date will only change once the issue is resolved and the project's status changes to IN PROCESS.

Red Lines: - Displays the number of redline request rounds submitted for each project.

Status: Indicates the current stage of each project:

  • DELIVERED: Marked in green, it indicates that the project was finalized and you have received all deliverables.

  • ON HOLD: Marked in yellow, it emphasizes that qbiq is awaiting you to provide essential information in order to finalize the project.

  • IN PROCESS: Marked in purple, it indicates the project has been submitted, and qbiq's system is now processing it.

  • IN REVISION: Marked in blue, it signals that qbiq is revising the project due to a redline submission, or alternatively, after you have provided the needed information requested while the project was in the ON HOLD status.

  • CANCELED: Marked in red and will appear only in cases when you have filled a request to cancel a project, and qbiq's system has confirmed the cancellation. Remember, canceling a project is irreversible.

  • PRIORITY: This signifies a high-priority Test-Fit that qbiq is currently processing. It is in response to a request for immediate task completion, addressing the urgent need to finalize the project.

For added convenience, you can download the table content to a spreadsheet file by tapping the XLS Download icon located above the table.

A dashboard tracking your daily test-fit submissions features on the right-hand side of the table. It offers a clear overview for monitoring your daily project submissions.

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