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How do I submit a Test-Fit?
How do I submit a Test-Fit?

Submitting a Test-Fit is a five step self-service process.

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Submitting a Test-Fit on qbiq's platform is a streamlined self-service process, guiding you to submit all the necessary information in just five steps.

Once you tap the Start a Test-Fit in the qbiq Plan home screen and select the desired program type, you will begin the process:

Building Info and Floor Info: Initial Information In the first two steps, you will input essential preliminary information. In the first step, you will provide the building's information. The second step requires the specified floor's details, including the last available 2D floor plan CAD file.

Program and 3D Tour: Design and Furnish The following steps focus on the design and furnishing aspects. In the third step, you'll craft the layout of the 2D floor plan. The fourth step is dedicated to designing the immersive 3D Tour experience.

Summary: Review and Submission As the final step, you will have the opportunity to review your work before submitting the Test-Fit. This summary stage ensures that all provided information and choices meet your intentions.

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