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Managing My Test-Fits
The Completed status in My Test-Fits
The Completed status in My Test-Fits

A completed project represents a finalized Test-Fit, after qbiq completed processing the project.

Updated over a week ago

When qbiq's system successfully concludes processing a submitted Test-Fit, the project's status changes from Processing status to Completed. The new floor plan alternatives and 3D Tour are ready.

Actions for Completed Projects:

  • Project’s Image - Clicking on the project’s image (not on Report, Video, or the quick action buttons) will open the Test-Fit Summary, identical to the one displayed in the final step. The only difference is that you cannot edit the Requests for Planning text box.

  • Report Button - Clicking the Report button on the project’s bottom left-hand side will download a PDF file of the floor plan report.

  • Video Button - Clicking the Video button on the project’s bottom right-hand side will play the 3D tour in a new browser tab.

  • Quick Actions Button - Tapping the quick actions button (i.e., the three dots on the top right corner of the project) will reveal a menu with four options:

    • Duplicate - This action will make a copy of the completed project.

    • Project Details - This enables you to change the name, address, and building image for the 2D floor plan.

    • Redline - This feature allows you to request minor modifications to your 2D floor plan or 3D Tour.

    • Downloads - This lets you download the completed project’s materials and files.

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