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What is a Test-Fit?A Test-Fit is an initial floor plan showcasing the possibilities of configuring an interior space.
What does the calculated area mean?The calculated area is a floor's measurement in square units.
What does the red X in the Test-Fit's progress bar mean?Understanding the Test-Fit's progress bar's red X indication.
What is a Tenant Specific-Detailed Program?A Tenant Specific-Detailed program is qbiq's floor plan design tool that empowers users to control the planning process.
What is a Tenant Specific-Concept program?A Tenant Specific-Concept program is qbiq's efficient design tool that requires minimum details to create a floor plan.
What does Visualize 3D Tour (Only) mean?The Visualize - 3D Tour Only is a feature that allows users to quickly create a 3D video for a ready-made 2D floor plan.
How do I submit a Test-Fit?Submitting a Test-Fit is a five step self-service process.
What is a Redline?A Redline is a feature that allows users to ask for minor changes to a completed Test-Fit project.
How do I submit a redline?To submit a Redline request, users need to tap the quick actions button on a completed project and then mark the desired changes.
How many redlines can I submit?You can submit two Redline requests for each project.
Can I ask to customize furniture or materials?qbiq currently supports some level of furniture and material customization.
What to do if I need two rooms of the same type but with different measurements?Use the Add New Room if you need two similar facilities but in a different size.
How do I download a report?Download a project using the Report button on a completed project.
Do I get a CAD file from my project?Yes. You will be able to download your CAD files by tapping the quick actions button and then selecting download.
How can I change a report’s title?A report's title can be changed at any time. Enter the Project Details page and ename the building's name.
Can I ask to change the video to a different alternative?Requesting a 3D Tour for a different 2D floor plan requires submitting a new Test-Fit.
Can I submit a multi-floor Test-Fit?You can certainly submit a multi-floor Test-Fit within a single project by using the Tenant-specific Planning–Detailed program.
What is a Concept Program?A concept program is qbiq's efficient design tool that requires minimum details to create a floor plan.
What is the difference between the Concept and the Tenant Specific-Concept program types?A Tenant Specific-Concept program type is oriented for building owners and brokers wanting showcase a floor plan for potential clients
What are the requirements for skybox photos?The requirements for images to customize your 3D tour's outside views