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What does Visualize 3D Tour (Only) mean?
What does Visualize 3D Tour (Only) mean?

The Visualize - 3D Tour Only is a feature that allows users to quickly create a 3D video for a ready-made 2D floor plan.

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Visualize - 3D Tour is a feature that empowers qbiq users to craft a captivating 3D video tour using a ready-made 2D floor plan vector file without necessitating any alterations.

Its main advantage is the ability to define the 3D Tour requirements within a few minutes.

qbiq's 3D Tour showcases your floor plan in an exciting and immersive way, making it more engaging and visually appealing. People can virtually explore the space as if they were walking through it.

The Visualize - 3D Tour program offers flexibility in two scenarios:

  1. When you have a fully furnished floor plan that requires no modifications.

  2. If your furnished plan includes rooms labeled with specific tags such as "office," qbiq will integrate furniture according to these tags. In cases where the floor plan doesn’t have tags or includes tags that do not match furniture in qbiq's database, the room will remain unfurnished.


The Visualize - 3D Tour Only feature is unsuitable if you want to create a floor plan from scratch or make significant changes to an existing project. In such cases, use the Concept, Tenant Specific-Detailed, or Tenant Specific Concept program types to customize your 2D floor plan.

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