Step 4 - 3D Tour

3D Tour focuses on designing the floor plan’s video display. You can choose the floor, ceiling, and partition illustrations for the 3D Tour.

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3D Tour is the qbiq wizard’s fourth step. You can easily customize a 3D tour for either option:

  1. The 2D floor plan you designed in the third step–Program, using the Concept, Tenant Specific-Detailed, or Tenant Specific-Concept program types.

  2. Using the 3D Tour (Only) feature, in which case you have uploaded a ready-made 2D floor plan.

The 3D video tour gives your clients a deeper view of the floor plan and is extremely useful for people who struggle to understand how a 2D floor plan comes to life.

Customize Your Own Design

Choose the preferred designs for your 3D tour video.

3D On/3D Off Toggle:

The toggle allows you to cancel the option of receiving the 3D tour. If you want to receive only the 2D floor plan, switch the 3D toggle from its default 3D On position to 3D Off. Once toggled off, the preview screen on the right-hand side will be cleared, and a banner stating "Switch to 3D On to choose styles" will appear. This is because you cannot select any of the designs available in the fourth step when the 3D mode is turned off.

Once you have switched the 3D Off, tap the Next button to proceed to Summary–the fifth step of the qbiq wizard.

3D After Design Approval:

Tick the checkbox to delay 3D Tour creation until you receive the 2D floor alternative plans from qbiq. This will allow you to choose your preferred 2D floor plan for showcasing in the 3D Tour. If you don't select this option, qbiq's system will automatically choose the best 2D floor plan for the 3D Tour based on its assessment.

Themes/Customize Toggle:

The toggle allows you a choice of two alternatives:

  1. Themes: Select a pre-designed 3D Tour interior theme from your saved Themes in the account management. Once you choose the desired theme, tap the Next button and proceed to the Skybox stage.

  2. Customize: Opt for this choice to design the new floor plan's 3D Tour according to your preferences.

Once you select the Customize alternative, you will start choosing the interior designs for your 3D Tour:

Interior Design:

Start choosing the interior designs for your 3D Tour. Make sure the toggle above displays 3D On. Any changes you make will appear on the preview display on the right-hand side.

Ceiling height - the ceiling height represents the vertical distance between the floor and the structural ceiling. The standard of 13 ft (4 Meters). is set as the system’s default ceiling height. However, you have the flexibility to adjust this height based on your client's requirements or for creative purposes. Although this adjustment is not mandatory, providing the precise ceiling height enhances the overall visual appeal of the 3D tour and adds authenticity to both the floor plan design and the representation of the actual building.

Public Area - Choose the preferred ceiling and floor designs for the hallways and shared areas.

Partition - Select the type of walling or partition you want for the 3D Tour. You can choose one option:

  • Drywall - demonstrates a non-see-through wall.

  • System Drywall - combines a non-see-through wall with a glass wall system.

  • System & 1/2 Drywall - combines a non-see-through wall at half height with a glass wall system.

  • All System - demonstrates a glass wall system only.

  • Frameless - displays the glass walls without frames.

Private Area - Choose the preferred ceiling and floor designs for private facilities such as offices, team offices, and conference rooms.

3D Info:

This section allows you to modify the floor and building's view surroundings.

Window Style - You have a selection of four windowing designs. However, make sure to choose the style that matches the building's window settings.

Interior Photos of this Space - You have the option to upload images that showcase a possible interior design for your project. Although this feature is not mandatory, providing these images will greatly assist qbiq in creating a 3D tour that aligns closely with your client's vision.

If you are designing a single floor plan, once you complete designing your floor plan's 3D Tour video, tap Next to continue to the final step–Summary. Alternatively, you can tap Save Draft to keep the project in My Test-Fits and finalize it later.

If you are working on a multi-floor plan, when you complete choosing the interior designs, Tapping Next will launch the Skybox configuration stage.


This stage is optional, but it can enhance your 3D Tour by adding outdoor view photos, giving it a more realistic feel.

  1. Drag and pin Side A bar on one of the exterior walls of the building in the 2D floor plan.

  2. Upload a photo of the building’s floor outer view. Alternatively, you can choose one of the four outdoor view options qbiq provides.

  3. Repeat your actions for Sides B, C, and D to complete the Skybox setup.


  • If you pin fewer than all four sides, qbiq will automatically generate photos from its skybox stock images that best illustrate the building's surroundings.

  • When creating a multi-floor plan, remember that the 3D Tour will focus on the reception floor. In practical terms, you will be customizing the interior floor and the Skybox feature for a single floor only.

Once you complete designing your floor plan's 3D Tour video, including the Skybox configuration, tap Next to continue to the final step–Summary. Alternatively, you can tap Save Draft to keep the project in My Test-Fits and finalize it later.

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