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Managing My Test-Fits
The Processing status in My Test-Fits
The Processing status in My Test-Fits

A project in the Processing status is a submitted Test-Fit awaiting for qbiq to complete.

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A project in the processing stage is indicated by a purple tag, meaning that the user has submitted the project, and it awaits finalization by qbiq's system. The processing duration typically takes 24 hours. However, certain conditions, such as uploading a non-vectorial floor plan may require extra processing time.

Actions for Processing Projects:

  • Project’s Image - clicking on the project's image will open the Test-Fit Summary, identical to the one displayed in the final step. The only difference is that you cannot edit the Requests for Planning text box.

    On the left side of your screen, a menu bar allows you to choose the Edit option to rename the project, update the address, or upload a new building image. Remember to tap the Save button if you make any of these changes.


The Redline and Download features are not available until the process is complete.

  • Quick Actions for Projects in Processing: The drop-down menu will allow you to select only the Duplicate option. Once you do so, a pane will appear requesting to rename the project. This is because qbiq’s system views this as a new project, although it contains identical data and files from the original one. Once you rename the project, tap OK, and the duplicated project will appear in My Test-Fits with the status Draft. If, instead, you tap cancel, the project will not be duplicated.

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