My Test-Fits

My Test-Fits showcases on your qbiq Plan screen and encompasses all your projects and their status.

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My Test-Fits features on your qbiq home screen and serves as a central hub to manage all your ongoing and completed projects. Its convenient display allows you to track the status of each Test-Fit.

The search bar and the filter menu will help you easily find a specific test fit. Tap the filter menu to change the order of projects in My Test-Fits by either of the options:

Last created - the default option that orders the projects by the date they were initiated.

Last Modified - orders each project by the last date they were modified.

Alphabetically - orders each project by their initials.

  • Every Test-Fit can be in one of the following situations:

    • Draft - A project paused by the user. The Test-Fit will not be processed until all 5 steps are concluded.

    • Processing - A project submitted by the user and currently in qbiq's processing stage.

    • On-Hold - A project processed by qbiq and requires further actions by the user.

    • Completed - A finalized project ready for the user. Once your Test-Fit reaches the Completed Status, you can view, download or submit changes requests:

      • Tap the image to view the Summary.

      • Tap on the Report button for the 2D floor plan.

      • Tap the Video button to play the 3D Tour.

      • Tap the Quick Actions Button to Duplicate the project, enter the Project Details, initiate a Redline process, or enter the Downloads screen to get your project's files.

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