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Managing Projects
Managing Projects
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My ProjectsProjects are showcased on your qbiq home page and encompass all your projects and their status.
Draft ProjectsA project in Draft status indicates that it has been started but not yet submitted, with its progress saved.
Processing ProjectsA project in the Processing status has been submitted and is awaiting to be completed and sent.
On Hold ProjectsThe On Hold status may feature on a project after submission. It means some information is unclear and qbiq cannot process the project.
Ready ProjectsA project will display the “Ready” tag, after qbiq completed processing it.
In Revision ProjectsA project displaying the “In Revision” tag will be a Ready project, where a redline is being processed by qbiq.
Inactive Property ProjectsThe “Inactive” tag indicates a Ready Property Project, where either the Floor or the Space from which it was created has been deleted.
Duplicate an Existing ProjectDuplicate features in the quick actions button “...”, enabling users to make a copy of a project, rename it, and modify it.
Project DetailsProject Details displays the report's cover information.
Project's SummaryThe Summary is displayed when you click on a project’s card. It contains an abstract of your planning request.
DownloadsThe Downloads page contains all the available materials of a Ready or In Revision project.
Report - downloading and understanding your qbiq reportThe PDF Report provides all the details of the completed project's floor plans and Virtual Tour.
Using the Redline FeatureHow to Use the Redline Feature - You can request minor changes for 2D plans and 3D visualizations of Ready Projects.
Redline GuidelinesA Redline allows users to ask for minor changes to a ready project.
Submitting a RedlineHow to submit a redline? Users need to click on a Ready project card and then mark the desired changes.