Account Management

The account management feature empowers users to run multiple assets, set up workplaces, assign employees, and run projects within an asset.

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qbiq’s Account Management empowers users to streamline multiple assets and projects. You can establish and oversee several workspaces representing various brands or business units. It supports appointing managers and system administrators to optimize the working process within qbiq’s system.

Additionally, you can effortlessly monitor the status and performance of each project through the Account Management system.

Key Roles in qbiq System:

Super Manager:

Primarily the subscriber, the Super Manager holds the highest level of control. They have extensive management power, including the ability to assign and remove users and user managers from the qbiq system.

Team Manager:

Empowered with authority in account management, team managers are appointed by the Super Manager; they can create workspaces, teams, assign users, and modify themes.


A standard user with restricted account management access. Capable of creating projects, but lacks administrative control in the user interface.

To access Account Management:

  • Once you have logged in to your qbiq account, click the drop-down menu icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Tap Manager View - the third option in the menu.

Once you enter the Manager View, you can scroll between four tabs:

  1. Usage - Obtain an overview of all your projects, including their status and performance.

  2. Users - Organize teams and assign employees to designated projects.

  3. Workspaces - Create dedicated workspaces for different brands, business units, locations, or branches. Optimize organization and collaboration within each workspace.

  4. Themes- Create and save custom 3D Tour design templates for convenience.

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