Create workspaces for designated brands, business units, locations, or branches.

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qbiq allows you to create dedicated workspaces for different brands, business units, locations, or branches. You can customize each workspace and save it as a brand.

Once you enter the Account Management, tap the Workspaces tab.

  • Press the Add New Workspace button to open the workspace editor.

  • Name your new workspace.

  • Add a logo by pressing the Add Workspace Logo.

  • Choose your brand’s color.

  • Tap the Add Workspace button to conclude the process.

  • If you wish to modify a workspace, including renaming it, changing the logo, or adjusting the brand color, tap the action button on the workspace, make your desired changes, and then press the Edit Workspace button to complete the process.


In order to navigate between Workspaces on your qbiq Plan System screen, select your preferred workspace from the options displayed in the upper-middle part of your screen.

Configure user permissions and manage workspace access through the Users tab in the Account Management.

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