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qbiq’s Plan System
qbiq’s Plan System

qbiq’s Plan System displays after logging in, allowing you to view all Test-Fits, start a new Test-Fit, and access the account manager view.

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qbiq’s Plan system serves as the homepage for managing your qbiq account. Once logged in, you can navigate and utilize these features:

1. Access Account Settings: Configure your account settings seamlessly from the options available in the menu. Click on the drop-down menu icon on the toolbar's right side:

  • Select a Workspace - This is a practical managerial feature for qbiq users who handle multiple brands, business units, and properties or need to run separate qbiq hubs. To create a workspace, go to Manager View → Workspaces → Add new workspace.

  • Upload logo - Add your company logo by uploading it. The logo will appear in the top right corner of your qbiq account screen and on the cover of every project report, elevating the final deliverable for your customers.

  • Enter Manager View - The manager view is your account management hub, allowing you to track projects' status, set up working teams, assign members and team managers, and create designated workspaces.

  • Getting Started - Tap to open a short video guide on the system.

  • Contact Support - Email your qbiq representative for any questions you have.

  • Change Your Password - This is where you change your password to keep your qbiq account secure.

  • Log out - Allows you to log out easily from qbiq’s system.

2. Start a Test-Fit: Allows you to launch a new Test-Fit project and plan a new Test-fit.

  • Select the 'Start a Test-Fit' button to launch the Test-Fit wizard.

3. My Test-Fits: Your information center for all projects.

  • Keep on track with Test-Fit’s status.

  • Revise completed projects with the redline feature.

  • Access all materials, such as previous reports and CAD files.

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